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Choosing a Jacket

7mesh makes a variety of jackets - different tools for different riders in different conditions. A lot of cycling jackets simply can’t handle tough conditions. Here are some things to look for when choosing a jacket and a quick guide to the 7mesh collection.

Things to Consider

Waterproof - for 7mesh this means the jacket passes stringent GORE-TEX® “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry” testing. Durably waterproof laminates with fully taped seams keep rain and snow out. Some brands make waterproof claims much more loosely.

Windproof - fabric that has very low air permeability (less than 1 cubic foot/minute in 30mph wind) to prevent convective heat loss.

Water Resistant - for 7mesh this means membraned or DWR coated textiles that have considerable resistance to water uptake. We have high standards - some of our water resistant jackets use technology called waterproof by other manufacturers.

Taped Seams - sewing punches thousands of holes in your jacket that easily allow water to wick to the inside and spread through your jacket. Look for “fully taped seams” like you’ll find on many 7mesh jackets. Be very wary of “critically taped seams” or products that only have “main seams” taped.

Breathable - refers to the ability of the fabric to allow water vapour to pass through quickly. GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® are breathable fabric packages - many conventional ‘windshell’ fabrics are windproof but not breathable.

Quick Guide to 7mesh Jackets

7mesh jackets are all designed to be light, very durable for the weight, and function driven. (m/w denotes availability of men’s/women’s versions)

Hardshells - protection from rain & wind.

Revelation (Mens / Womens): Fully featured, and maximum protection from rain and wind.

Renegade (Mens ): Stripped down feature set, full protection from rain and wind.

Re:Gen (Mens / Womens): Stripped down feature set, full protection from rain and wind.

Resistance (Mens / Womens): Very light, packable, windproof & water resistant, fully taped, highly breathable.

Oro (Mens): Ultralight, packable, highly breathable, full protection from rain and wind.

Northwoods (Mens): Ultralight, packable, windproof & water resistant.


Softshells - protection from rain & wind; some added warmth.

Corsa (Mens): The ultimate road riding softshell - stretch comfort, water resistant, fully taped and highly breathable with a jersey fit.

Recon (Mens): The ultimate mountain biking softshell - stretch comfort, water resistant, fully taped and highly breathable.

Strategy (Mens / Womens): Water resistant, fully taped, highly breathable, and cozy warm.

Thermal - keeps you warm; some protection from rain & snow


Outflow (Mens): The ultimate lofted insulation solution for cyclists, uniquely air permeable and breathable.

Callaghan Hoody (Mens / Womens): Casually patterned Merino wool hoody for cool riding days.