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Retracing steps, it’s difficult to nail down exactly what it was that brought the 7mesh group together.

Was it recreation? We ride, we climb, we run, we ski. Was it location? We love Vancouver, we love the mountains, and of course we love BC. Was it our work experience? It crossed our paths, expanded our boundaries, and reinforced in each of us great pride in craftsmanship, quality, and integrity.

…but maybe it was really the commute.

Shared experience forms bonds, and it’s hard to ignore what was formerly a daily drive for most of us, the famous Sea to Sky Highway between Squamish and Vancouver. Chasing work one way, and chasing recreation the other. First tens of times, then hundreds, then thousands, until every curve and dip and road sign was as much a part of our minds as the roots and rocks on our favourite trails.

Then one day the Olympics came to Vancouver, and Whistler, and Squamish in between. And suddenly new road signs joined the mix, and Squamish was dually named Sḵwx̱wú7mesh, in recognition of the Coast Salish name for our town.

And so when it came time to give up the commute, and create our new company, we chose a name that celebrated our transition. “mesh” is Coast Salish for ‘people’. Inspired by our community and its people, and to honour them, and to remember the many days when the highway took us elsewhere, our group is called “7mesh”.

Our Products


Our Fall 2015 collection consists of 16 styles. Each piece is designed to function as an excellent stand-alone item while also working with others as part of an integrated, layered system. Weight, durability, comfort, and function are optimized in every product. Key underlying themes are:

1. Moisture Management – 7mesh gear is engineered to help you stay dry, stay light, stay fast, and stay comfortable.

2. Superior Fit – 7mesh gear incorporates aggressive patterning to improve rider comfort and performance and eliminate reliance on inferior textiles.

All of our styles are designed to be versatile for a wide range of riders, rides, and conditions, with application depending on individual rider preference. Our jackets in particular have been engineered to excel for both road and mountain riding.

Our Philosophy


Every 7mesh product embodies our design ethos: Streamline design and deliver simplicity without compromise. We remove, rather than add, to achieve our goals.

The R&D process combines art and science, but fundamentally begins with craft. Intimately understanding the medium is crucial. Then searching for and creating new materials, learning every aspect of how they perform and react, and manipulating them by hand, step by step.

Design, craft, engineer.

Ultimately these words oversimplify a complex, iterative process. We pattern, cut, sew, laminate, tape, punch, press, wear, ride, wash, review, and repeat. These many small steps bring incremental progress, learning, and realizations - and occasionally a larger leap. Dedication and resolve are required in the pursuit of true innovation.

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